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The author of the project - Main designer A.Filimonov

From the moment of the creation the aircraft has been already obtained its recognition by many users from the different companies and regions.
The Authors of this project as well as Aircraft' founders hope this project will find the investor.

Yours faithfully Joint-stock company "Tumenecotrans" .

The project has been developed in Tyumen. In the middle of the ninetieth a reduced guided analogue of the flying device has been constructed and has successfully passed preliminary air tests.

The inventor and the main designer, Alexander Filimonov, a Candidate of Technical Sciences was able to find essentially new conceptual scheme of the flying device combining the best qualities of a dirigible balloon, a plane, a helicopter and a hovercraft.

The idea has carried away the inventor more than ten years ago. "- At the end of eightieth I worked in Tyumen Industrial Institute, - Alexander remembers - all the specialists puzzled over one serious and very important problem at that time: how to deliver the equipment, large multiton blocks to the Jamburg gazokondensat field. And we, at our hoisting-and-transport machines department have undertaken its decision. During work the hybrid concept of the flying device was appeared."